Christmas Mince Pies

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas to us Brits without our traditional Mince Pies. Dozens are made and devoured during this festive season and enjoyed as a teatime treat with a cup of tea, a glass of sherry, or as dessert with whipped cream. A custom dating from the middle ages say that if you eat a […]

Raspberry Almond Tartlets

Similar to an English Bakewell Tart, these little tartlets are easy to make and will definitely please your happy guests. They’ll never know they’re eating gluten free! A flaky, light pastry crust encases a thin layer of jam and is topped with frangipan – a moist, lightly sweetened, almond flavored sponge. I adapted the recipe […]

Quinoa Salad wraps with Black Beans

Pay homage to Meatless Monday and kiss the Quinoa! Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah, not kee-NOH-ah), is a wonderful grain full of goodness, easy to prepare, gluten free and comes in many varieties. There’s white quinoa which is commonly found everywhere, but I especially enjoy the red and black varieties. I’ve used Organic Rainbow Quinoa for this […]

Spiced Orange Cake with Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

  This stunning yet easy to make cake comes from English Chef, Tom Kerridge, who runs the only 2 Michelin Star Pub in England.  It’s better the day after it’s made and stays moist into the third day if it lasts that long.  You can accompany it with plain vanilla ice cream, lightly sweetened whipped cream or it’s a […]

Christmas Butter a la Jamie Oliver!

    Using a compound butter containing fresh herbs pushed under the skin of your Christmas Turkey or Chicken, keeps the breast meat tender and flavorful while it roasts.  This delicious butter is made more festive with the addition of zest from a clementine.  You can choose what herbs you like, but go easy on stronger tasting ones like Rosemary, […]

Gluten Free Chocolate/Orange Cupcakes for Cheats!

  Had a big bake off a few weeks ago but am calling this post “a cheat” because I have to confess I used store bought mixes, BUT added my own personal touch, so don’t judge me!  I also came up with a delicious cream cheese frosting which earned me lots of praise.  So based on all that, I don’t feel so guilty […]