Panzanella is a popular Tuscan salad made from stale bread tossed with tomatoes, onions, cucumber, fresh herbs and lashings of olive oil. Leave it to those thrifty Italians to come up with such a delicious combination! The bread is soaked in cold water then torn up and tossed with the other ingredients to make this […]

Oriental Spiced Chicken Skewers over Vietnamese Mint Salad

As a welcome addition to your Summer salad repertoire, try this Asian inspired minty salad with fresh, nutty and aromatic flavors of the Orient. The salad packs a flavorful combination of toasted sesame, chili, garlic, Thai fish sauce and lime juice and is served with tender marinated chicken skewers. If that’s not enough, it’s then […]

Pot Roast Chicken with balsamic and sweet onion gravy

This produces the most succulent, fall off the bone chicken and is foolproof as well as easy.  Plus you get the most delicious gravy from the cooking stock.   I’ve adapted this recipe from one of my favorite English chef’s, Phil Vickery, from his cookbook, Seriously Good Gluten Free Cooking.   I should mention that you won’t get a crispy, brown skin with this method.  If you enjoy […]

Christmas Butter a la Jamie Oliver!

    Using a compound butter containing fresh herbs pushed under the skin of your Christmas Turkey or Chicken, keeps the breast meat tender and flavorful while it roasts.  This delicious butter is made more festive with the addition of zest from a clementine.  You can choose what herbs you like, but go easy on stronger tasting ones like Rosemary, […]

Lisa’s Luscious Lentil Salad

This is a healthy, yet delicious and easy salad inspired by my Sister, Lisa.  She served it with baked smoked haddock fillets, but any other fish (salmon, cod, shrimp), or other protein would work equally well.  However the salty, smokiness of the haddock really complimented the  slight heat, and lemon zing of the salad.  Make more than you […]