I steamed an egg and I liked it!

Steamed eggs in a basket

I can honestly say I have never steamed an egg before, but now I have I’ll never go back! I was always taught that to boil an egg, it’s placed in a large pot of boiling water, a timer is set, it’s lifted out, plunged in cold water to stop the cooking, peeled and eaten.

A couple of weeks ago an email message arrived in my Inbox from Bon Appetit magazine, featuring an article written by Alex Delany on the subject of Steamed Eggs. I was a little skeptical but curious, so filed it away in my “to-try one day” folder. Today was the day – I was lucky enough to find a great egg bargain at my local grocery store of 2 dozen, Cage free, Organic Large Brown Eggs from happy chickens for only $6 (yes! for 2 dozen – you can’t beat that – ha-ha, excuse the pun!). So I gambled with 5 eggs to see what would happen if I cooked them, as described, in a steamer basket over boiling water. I can’t believe it but it actually worked and the results were fantastic. Perfectly boiled, easy to peel and no nasty gray ring around the yolk.

The writer says: “The steamer insert is the most straightforward way to steam an egg, and it gives you a gentler alternative to dropping and rattling eggs around in boiling water. After your eggs are done steaming for 10 to 12 minutes—depending on how you like them, you can use them in egg salad or just dip them in salt and call it a day”.

I have to share this technique with you, because it’s genius and I will only ever cook them like this in future. There’s another recipe for ‘steamed baked” eggs in this article which I’m going to try next so if it’s a success you’ll be hearing from me again on the subject!

Have ready:

(1) A metal steamer basket suspended above 1/2 inch of boiling water.
(2) A big bowl of iced water.


Place the eggs in the steamer basket and close the lid. Set your timer as follows:-

Hard Steamed eggs: Cook for 10 minutes (that’s what I did for the eggs photographed below). Chill in the iced water immediately after. Once cool, crack shells, peel and enjoy.

Soft Steamed Egg: Perfectly cooked whites with warm, liquid yolk. Cook for about 6 ½ minutes. Chill in ice bath immediately after. Benefit: Soft steaming offers a more consistent and thorough cooking method. Your eggs will all be cooked the same, as opposed to some perfectly and some undercooked.

Steamed eggs in a basket

This was the moment of truth. Would the eggs be beautifully cooked without any nasty gray ring around the yolk (yuk I hate that).

Ready to slice Steamed Egg

Egg in Slicer

Ta-Daaaaah – the big reveal!!!

Sliced Steamed Eggs

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