Layered hummus dip

Pretty Food!
Pretty Food!

I was looking for something fun to bring as an appetizer to a birthday party which tasted great, was easy to make with minimum effort and had a wow factor! These little cups filled with different flavors of Hummus ticked every box and proved to be a great ‘ice breaker-conversation piece’ that everyone loved. The thing about individual cups like this, are they not only look pretty with the different layers, but the idea of having my own personal cup untouched by other guests, appeals to my germ phobic tendency. Let’s not go into that awful subject of double dipping – yuk! – you know it goes on, you’ve seen it and it’s totally gross, ’nuff said.

There’s no recipe involved here, just some simple instructions and suggestions on how I made them.

You’ll need something to put the dips into:
I found some cute little plastic cups at a party decorating store. They have stems and are a perfect 2oz size for individual cups. There are many sizes and shapes to choose from, so select what you love and what’s best suited to your dip. At home I have a collection of shot size glasses which would work well too. This time I chose plastic for ease of transportation to the party, plus not having to bring home dirty glasses to wash up.

You’ll need the dips:
I selected Hummus as my “dip du jour”. I decided on three kinds; Roasted Red Pepper, Regular and I made an Avocado Hummus by adding equal parts of store prepared guacamole to a tub of regular Hummus.

You’ll need something to pipe the dips into the cups:
Disposable piping bags, or Ziploc bags (you fill them and snip off a small corner) make short work of this task. The cups can be easily and cleanly filled, then you dispose of the bags afterwards.

You’ll need things to dip into the dips:
A selection of thinly sliced vegetables (like carrots, peppers, celery, jicama, sugar snap peas). I also added a glass full of bread sticks (store bought of course!). Remember to select things that will fit inside the cups so your guests can easily scoop out the dips.

Optional (but adds prettiness) – Decorating the dips:
Finely chopped herbs, roasted red pepper or chickpeas add that finishing touch. Choose ingredients that are in the dips so it indicates what’s in them.

I can see this idea rocketing forward. There’s an array of savory dips available in the grocery stores to choose from, but what about making these for dessert?! A vanilla and chocolate pudding perhaps, or a full fat Greek Vanilla yoghurt – and serve with thin cookies and slices of fruit.


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