Garden Pea and Mint Soup

I’ve seen many recipes and watched this soup being prepared on cooking shows and always thought it was something I should try myself.  After all, the combination of garden peas and fresh mint is always a good one!  So today as I picked the new season’s mint growing in my garden I remembered there was a bag of peas in the freezer and the decision […]

Pot Roast Chicken with balsamic and sweet onion gravy

This produces the most succulent, fall off the bone chicken and is foolproof as well as easy.  Plus you get the most delicious gravy from the cooking stock.   I’ve adapted this recipe from one of my favorite English chef’s, Phil Vickery, from his cookbook, Seriously Good Gluten Free Cooking.   I should mention that you won’t get a crispy, brown skin with this method.  If you enjoy […]